Station Down

Station Down is at least tens of thousands of years old, and may in face be much, much older. The core station is vaguely spherical and about 10 km in diameter, and many different species have claimed a section of the station as their own. No one has any real information about the population, other than “many millions”.

Station Down has a central A.I. that speaks the languages of every race in its data banks. The A.I. tracks individuals, giving them access to food, shelter, health care, information, communications, breathable air, and other basic essentials (in exchange for station credits).

Unfortunately, about seven years ago the A.I. suddenly stopped communicating with anyone. The service nanites stopped repairing the station, new user accounts were unavailable, and station-wide administrative functions ceased.

A lot of transients end up staying on Station Down. Some only intend to have a layover while others expected to have to work for passage away, but somehow the population just keeps growing. Living in the street isn’t so bad when it’s environmentally controlled, and they just seem to keep filling up.

Station Down

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